Credit card points

Get rewarded every time you spend with your Sohar International Platinum, Signature or Infinite Credit Cards. Credit card loyalty points cashback is designed to offer you more value for your purchases, anywhere in the world.


Earn points for your spends

Enjoy a flexible online redemption process

2,000 points for Platinum Cardholders, 3,000 points for Signature Cardholders and 5,000 points for Infinite Cardholders


1% cashback on accumulated points redemption credited into the customer’s credit card account

Minimum points redeemable is 1,000

Terms & Conditions
  • Complimentary points for new and existing customers
  • Every RO 2 spent earns 1 point.
  • Only POS and Internet transactions will accure points, cash withdrawas are not eligible.
  • Eligible only for Sohar International Platinum, Signature & Infinite Credit Cards