We are delighted to provide competitive buy/sell Foreign Exchange products and services. We accept orders accompanied by instruction such as "GTC" - good till cancelled for accept orders in major currencies such as Euros, Sterling Pounds, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollars, for amounts more than USD 250K. We also watch orders for amounts less than USD250k from 7.00 AM – 7.00 PM.

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Forex rates

From CurrencyBuying RateSelling RateValue Date
OMR1117 Jul 2019
AED0.10430.105417 Jul 2019
AUD0.267109920.27246719517 Jul 2019
BDT0.0045047610.00461006817 Jul 2019
BHD1.0111627111.03150815317 Jul 2019
CAD0.2915173740.29738387217 Jul 2019
CHF0.3862088340.39381153317 Jul 2019
DKK0.0572535060.05839260217 Jul 2019
EUR0.418861520.4403345117 Jul 2019
GBP0.4732739550.48275727517 Jul 2019
HKD0.048790830.04977586617 Jul 2019
INR0.0055152360.0056337717 Jul 2019
JOD0.5370719120.5491174917 Jul 2019
JPY0.0035246240.00360393217 Jul 2019
LKR0.0021666490.00221897217 Jul 2019
KWD1.2491685731.28037247217 Jul 2019
MYR0.0926563240.09445928817 Jul 2019
NOK0.0444176840.04531289917 Jul 2019
NZD0.255827880.2608405817 Jul 2019
PKR0.0023839930.00243670917 Jul 2019
QAR0.1041346180.10691103517 Jul 2019
SAR0.1016393230.10367052917 Jul 2019
SEK0.0405864690.04139361717 Jul 2019
SGD0.2802441690.2858846517 Jul 2019
USD0.3820.38817 Jul 2019
XAG5.9457494256.06983184517 Jul 2019
XAU535.501914255546.4554156617 Jul 2019
ZAR0.0272764310.02781115117 Jul 2019
THB0.0123017440.01264110417 Jul 2019
CNY0.0551146940.05679001317 Jul 2019
EGP0.0229686740.0233426717 Jul 2019
TRY0.0667498060.06807444617 Jul 2019
KRW0.0003229860.00032965117 Jul 2019
CNH0.0553722520.05649744917 Jul 2019