Insurances for all of life's situations.

Be ready for everything that life has in store. Insure yourself and your family at home and away from home.

Insurance products

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Individual Medical Insurance (Sahatuna)

Remain stress free with ‘Sahatuna’ Medical Health Insurance

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Non-life insurances

Insure your Car & Travel plans, You are in Safe Hands.

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Motor insurance

Sohar International offers comprehensive Motor Insurance in partnership with Takaful Oman Company. Keeping your specific needs in mind, the solution offered is affordable with a hassle-free claims process.

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Travel Insurance

Now you can experience what the world has to offer, with complete peace of mind. Sohar International offers you unparalleled Travel Insurance in partnership with Takaful Oman Company.

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Life insurances

We offer a variety of insurances for cases of injury, illness or loss of life in partnership with Arabia Falcon Insurance. A simple step can go a long way in ensuring your family's financial safety even if you were no more or are financially unable to support them.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance offers you and your family a host of benefits to ensure your family’s financial comfort.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance offers you and your family a host of benefits to provide for your family’s future in case of unfortunate outcomes due to an accident.

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Critical Illness Insurance

With Critical Illness Insurance you can stay a step ahead in minimizing the financial impact and ensure no strain on your savings.

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Domestic Helper Insurance

Domestic Helper Insurance offers a host of benefits to provide for unforeseen costs related to death or hospitalization of the Domestic Helper.

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Hospital Cash Benefit

With Hospital Cash benefit get a fixed daily benefit over and above your medical expenses.

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Education Shield

Education Shield helps you ensure there are no gaps in your child’s education in case of unfortunate eventualities like death, critical illness or even involuntary job loss.

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Female Cancer Insurance

Female cancer insurance ensures you are financially prepared for any such unforeseen circumstances.

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