Transform today’s dreams to tomorrow’s wins with our Minor Account

Plan for a future filled with wins for your little one with a saving account that encourages early savings and future planning.

Feature & Benefits

Free cash withdrawal from any bank ATM in Oman

Zero minimum balance charges

Account maintained in OMR, AED, GBP and USD

  • Free Debit Card for children aged 15 years and above
  • Free Cash Deposit Card for children below 15 years

Saving smart account with competitive interest rates paid monthly

Monthly average balance

Interest rate per annum

Below OMR 1000


Equal to OMR 1000 and below OMR 5000


Equal to OMR 5000 and above


Terms & Conditions


Accounts maintained for Minors shall be operated by a parent or legally appointed guardian (The Operator) until the Minor attains the age of 18.

All the monies standing to the credit of such accounts shall be held for the benefit of the minor and shall not form part of the assets of the Operator of account.

The Operator of the Account shall promptly inform the Bank on the Minor reaching the age of 18

Debit Card with a daily ATM cash withdrawal limit or POS usage limit of RO 50 per transaction and total transaction amount not exceeding RO 200 per month

Cash Deposit Card for minor account holders below 15 years of age will not have any withdrawal facility. Cash Deposit facility is currently offered at Sohar International CDMs only.

The bank reserves the right to amend interest rates for the interest-bearing savings account without any prior notice to the customers.

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