Sohar International accelerates digitalization; records increased usage of new mobile app

Sohar International accelerates digitalization; records increased usage of new mobile app

07-13-2021 Back to Newsroom

Setting a new benchmark in mobile banking, Sohar International has achieved yet another milestone with the recent launch of its enhanced mobile banking app that reflects the bank’s global identity and values, offering customers a premium, seamless, secure and convenient medium of banking. Equipped with a full suite of digital banking services, the app leverages the bank’s proven technological expertise and is aimed at giving customers more control over their accounts while reducing the need to visit the branch or stand in queues.

While investing in technology, innovation and digitalization have long remained one of Sohar International’s top priorities, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted its importance even more. With thousands of people now turning to digital channels to carry out their daily banking transactions, being prepared to cater to this radical shift has earned Sohar International the loyalty of its customers. By giving customers more freedom to manage their finances on the go, Sohar International has further enhanced the banking experience for them.

“Sohar International has always remained at the forefront of digitalization and has made noteworthy contributions to the development of digital banking in the country. Our digital journey was set in a way to ensure that we are always prepared to meet our customers’ needs and so that we continue to evolve according to the changing market trends. With the pandemic bringing with it its set of uncertainties, we have seen that our digital strategies have paid off, enabling us to carry out banking more safely, securely and swiftly from the comfort of our homes. Embracing digital transformation more comprehensively, the bank ensures that it also takes concerted efforts to invest in its human resource by enrolling them in ongoing trainings, workshops and seminars that focus on recent developments in the sector. By partnering with world-class digital banking service providers, we bring to Oman global expertise, that we then seamlessly induct into our framework to further enhance our offerings,” said Ahmed Al Musalmi, CEO of Sohar International.

The on-the-go Sohar International Mobile Banking App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store at no cost and customers can enjoy secure, 24/7 access to their account with a wide array of transaction options and a better overview of their financial data. Through the app, customers can easily track their account activity through account balance inquiry and statements, transaction history and a detailed summary of their previous transactions and periodic statements. Building on the bank’s already best-in-class mobile functionalities, it also enables customers to check transactions in operative accounts with real-time account balance and information about operative, deposit, and loan accounts. With an increase in the number of app downloads that serves as a testament to its popularity, the new on-the-go app delivers an enhanced digital banking experience for customers and offers the convenience of banking at their fingertips, through a user-friendly and intuitive interface, laden with useful functionalities.

Making day-to-day operations hassle-free, the app makes fund transfers quick, easy and secure. All local fund transfers are free-of-charge. The app also allows the creation and tracking of standing instructions as well as the liberty to conduct multi-currency fund transfers.  Inclusive and innovative, the app is designed to assist customers in multiple ways and offers free-of-charge online bill payment options, as well as credit card related services. Service requests like ordering cheque books and requesting debit cards can also be done directly through the app instead of going to the branch physically.

With a host of features to ensure that customers have easy accessibility to their funds while also addressing a host of other banking requirements, the app guarantees customers the highest level of security through Sohar International’s proven multi-layered security infrastructure.

Committed to customer-centricity, innovation and growth, Sohar International will continue to stay abreast of the latest developments and align itself to the Sultanate’s Digital Vision with innovative products and solutions that are tailored to the needs of its customers.


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