Sohar International Announces Monthly Prize Scheme Winners of OMR 100K Or Sohar International Reveals OMR 130,000 first Monthly Draw Winners Under Sohar | Prize Scheme 2020

03-05-2020 Back to Newsroom

Delivering on its purpose of ‘helping people win’, and its commitment towards encouraging people to cultivate a prudent saving culture, Sohar International recently conducted under the auspice of Shaikh Saif Salim Al Qarwashi, Deputy Wali of Jalan Bani Bu Ali, its first monthly draws’ event as part of Sohar | Prize Scheme for the year 2020 revealing winners of OMR 100,000 split across the General and Wealth Management categories. During the same event, the bank also conducted the Monthly Branch Draws announcing the winners of OMR 31,000 distributed among 31 customers equally from different branches.

Under the theme of “Save More, Win More”, the Sohar|Prize Scheme Draws were held at Wilayat of Jalan Bani Bu Ali in Al Sharqiyah - South Governorate amongst invited customers and in the presence of Mr Khalil Al Hediafi, Chief Retail Banking Officer, Sohar International, alongside the bank’s senior management team. This year’s first monthly draws revealed the names of four lucky customers; M . M and K . Al Zadjali from Wealth Management under the exclusive draws each winning OMR 25,000 where as Ali Al Sabtiy from Al Mabila branch, and H . Al Hasni from A’Seeb branch each won OMR 25,000 as part of the general draws. Besides that, the monthly draws also revealed the names of 31 winners under the Prize | Scheme Monthly Branch Draws.

Highlighting the importance of savings and the Prize Scheme for year 2020, Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer at Sohar International said, “Soar International continues to provide more vision, more velocity, and more value in everything it does. The Prize Scheme for year 2020 has been designed to maximise the number of winners rewarding those that having prudent savings habits and thus encourage more people to save for now and the future not only helping themselves in the process, but also have a positive impact on a socioeconomic level within the country.”

The evening started with a welcome note followed by Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer, Sohar International speech that shined light on the bank’s various achievements as well as the new Sohar | Prize Scheme 2020 along with benefits of cultivating the habit of saving. The guests present at the event were treated with an entertainment program including poetry recital followed by the monthly draws to reveal the winners. The evening concluded with some raffle draws for the attendees and the Guest of Honour - Shaikh Saif Salim Al Qarwashi, the Deputy Wali of Jalan Bani Bu Ali being presented with a token of appreciation by the bank.

“It is with great excitement we congratulate our first winners in the Monthly Draws under the Sohar|Prize Scheme for year 2020 as we look forward to congratulating the many hundreds that we are yet to reward. We applaud customers for their persistent efforts of saving and encourage them to save more to increase their chances of winning in the near future under the various weekly, monthly, mid-year and year end draws” added Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi.

Providing customers with more prizes and chances to win, the 2020 Prize Scheme has been revamped and redesigned to include more draws, more winners, open to a wider audience, and consists of branch guaranteed draws. Besides these, the Bank continues to conduct other regular draws with increased values such as Weekly Draws of OMR 5,500, Monthly Branch Draws of OMR 31,000, Monthly Youth Draws of a total value of OMR 2,000, Half Yearly Draws of a total of OMR 200,000; that are equally split between two customers from the General Segment and two customers from the Wealth Management Segment. The biggest prize of the year will be rewarded at the Year-End grand draws, giving away a total of OMR 400,000 to be distributed equally between four customers; two from the General Segment and two from the Wealth Management Segment. The bank announce all the winners’ names on its official pages on social media platforms and the official website,

All Sohar I Prize Scheme 2020 accounts will have four chances to win for every minimum average balance maintained in their accounts, while Minor accounts enjoy double the chances. Sohar I Prize Scheme 2020 is not exclusive for accounts in Omani Rial only; savings accounts that are maintained in AED, GBP, and USD are also eligible to participate in the Sohar | Prize Scheme 2019. Those seeking to save without participating in the prize draws, can choose an interest-bearing account instead.

By encouraging customers to keep a prudent saving habit and subsequently rewarding them for that, Sohar International is actively seeking ways to make positive impacts on the national socioeconomic scenario. By raising the bar on customer-centricity and helping customers win and achieve their goals in an ever-changing world, the Bank is also constantly pushing boundaries in redefining the way banking is conducted in the country.


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