Reiterating its strong market position and Investor confidence Sohar International successfully concludes Perpetual Bonds Issuance of OMR 100mn

03-29-2019 Back to Newsroom

- Largest Issuance in local currency by any Bank in Oman

- Largest Issuance by any firm in 2018/2019

- Overwhelming response to issuance

Sohar International has recently concluded the issuance of OMR 100mn unsecured subordinated perpetual bonds with overwhelming success that reaffirms the bank’s positive market position and investor confidence. The issuance was the largest in local currency by any bank, and the largest by any firm in 2018/2019 under the Capital Market Authority (CMA) and listed in Muscat Securities Market (MSM).

The allotment complied with CMA guidelines and successfully raised additional Tier 1 capital of OMR 100mn. The issuance received an overwhelming response resulting in an increase in the size of the issuance from OMR 70 million to OMR 100 million. As it was a private placement, the issuance was marketed to institutions and qualified investors.

Mr Ahmed Al Musalmi, Chief Executive Officer of Sohar International, said, “In December 2018, our shareholders approved the issuance of additional Tier 1 capital instruments, and we proceeded diligently to ensure unrivalled success. The overwhelming response to the issuance is a testament of the confidence our investors have in the Bank despite a challenging macro environment. We thank our valued investors for their trust and support as we continue to increase value to all our stakeholders and, most importantly, our nation. Sohar International entered 2019 with a great sense of optimism about the future and embraced a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in its strategic approach with its new brand that embodies the attributes of being sharp, human and unstoppable personality.”

The issuance saw a varied base of investor participation, including government, quasi government agencies, large corporates, insurance companies, high net worth individuals and family offices. Such participation demonstrates the robust capabilities of Sohar International in terms of attracting capital to advance its strategic agenda.

Al Musalmi added, “We thank most sincerely our regulators for their prompt facilitation, notably the Central Bank of Oman and the Capital Market Authority, in addition to Muscat Depository and Clearing for providing a platform to raise funds in the most efficient manner. This issuance will boost Tier 1 Capital adequacy of the Bank, and with additional CET 1 issuance, Sohar International will be further strengthening its core net worth to emerge as one of the strongest Banks in Oman.”

With the over-subscribed closing of its perpetual bonds issuance, Sohar International steadily and confidently moves forward in its strategy as a pivotal player and advocate for growth and prosperity for stakeholders and the nation.

The 2018 financial results further cement Sohar International’s strong footings to capitalize on future opportunities and navigate challenges with a winning spirit. The Bank reported OMR 29.366mn in Net Profit, a 15.9% increase from prior year. The Board of Directors recommended a cash dividend of 6% for the year, corresponding to 6 baisas per share.

Sohar International has achieved significant growth in many other financial metrics.Net interest income increased by 18.7% to OMR 56.651 million compared to OMR 47.721 million in 2017. Operating income for 2018 increased to OMR 94.438 million, an increase of 23.6% as compared to OMR 76.416 million in 2017. The operating profit also rose by 31.1% to OMR 54.55mn from OMR 41.62mn in the previous year. Net loans and advances amounted to OMR 2.25bn as of 31st December 2018, an increase of 7.3% compared to 2017. Customer deposits further increased to OMR 1.81bn in 2018, a rise of 10.7% from OMR 1.64bn in 2017. The Bank’s share of Private Sector Credit increased to 10.3% as at November 2018 from 10.1% in December 2017, while its share of Private Sector Deposit was 7.98% in November 2018 compared to 8.45% as at December 2017.


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