Furthering its commitment to Empower Various Segments of the Community Bank Sohar Extends Support to Al-Wafa Centre for Handicapped Children Education

10-24-2018 Back to Newsroom

Supporting the advancement of disabled communities within the Sultanate, Bank Sohar has extended support to Al-Wafa Centre for Handicapped Children Education in Salalah. The support will facilitate the provision of electronic chairs for members of the center, as well as allow the center to set-up a speech therapy facility.

The support cheque was delivered by Mr Khalil Salim Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer of Bank Sohar, to Mr Ameen Abdullah Al Mualam, Al Wafa’s Centre Manager in Salalah during their meeting at the Bank’s branch in Salalah.

Commenting on the bank’s recent contribution, Mr. Khalil Salim Al Hedaifi said, “Bank Sohar aspires to demonstrate excellence in community work as a civic-minded organisation that delivers meaningful contributions to empower different segments of society. Our comprehensive social outreach initiatives under Sohar Al Atta is giving extensive focus on building the capacity of children in local communities, enabling them through different types of support that highlight their value and potential. We hope that our recent commitment to Al Wafa Centre in Salalah will help children get beyond physical and mental barriers to realize their full potential.”

Earlier this year, Bank Sohar supported Al-Wafa Centre for Handicapped Children Education with specialize sensory equipment to upgrade the organisation’s facilities and support the cognitive and social development of youth. Other previous engagements have observed the provision of educational equipment to aid learning within the Centre’s classrooms, enhancing the academic attainment of disabled youth.

Al Wafa’s Centre Manager in Salalah, Ameen Abdullah Al Mualam, commented, “We offer sincere thanks to the bank for its support and commitment to young people managing disabilities. This support will have a direct positive impact on the lives of many local disabled children, facilitating their daily life activities and enhancing the opportunities for years to come.”

Bank Sohar’s support for the association forms part of its comprehensive social outreach programme that covers a broad range of causes and nonprofit organizations. To date, the bank has supported multiple times over 30 associations under its Sohar Al Atta CSR initiatives, aiding organizations such as Oman Association for the Disabled, Association of Elderly Friends, Al Noor Association for the Blind, and Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children among others.

Al-Wafa Centre for Handicapped Children Education was registered with the mandate of serving children with mental, auditory, physical, or visual disabilities. The Al Wafa Centre relies on trained volunteers to provide services to children and their families with additional support from public and private organizations, as well as other sources that assist with social investments. Further to its engagement with children, the center also work to promote awareness, education, and training for children and families managing special educational needs, handicapped conditions as the result of illness, speech deficiencies, mental and physical impairments.

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