Bank Sohar Commences 2018 Sohar Al Atta CSR Convoy with the Omani Association for Elderly Friends

05-10-2018 Back to Newsroom

Following in the footsteps of previous successful campaigns, Bank Sohar has commenced its 2018 ‘Sohar Al Atta’ CSR Convoy which will focus this year on educating, empowering, and training local communities through the means of sustainable knowledge. The convoy commenced by extending support to the Omani Association for Elderly Friends to hold two workshops for their members and volunteers.

Commenting on the start of the 2018 convoy, Mr. Mohammed Mahfoudh Al Ardhi, Chairman of Bank Sohar, said, “As a leading financial organization in Oman, our commitment to the society remains a priority, and through our annual ‘Sohar Al Atta’ CSR convoy, we endeavour to promote sustainable knowledge, empower community members with the skills and knowhow that contribute to sustainable growth. In doing so, we make sure our contributions are as far reaching geographically as they are demographically. Starting the convoy with the Omani Association for the Elderly carries significance and pays tribute to senior citizens who are an integral part of our great nation’s renaissance.”

Mr. Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, Senior AGM and Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Bank Sohar delivered the support cheque to the Omani Association for Elderly Friends, Al Dhakiliya Branch, at the Bank’s branch in Bahla, and commented: “We are happy to start our convoy in Al Dhakiliya with the Omani Association for Elderly Friends and share their noble mission of caring for and empowering senior citizens. We are looking to achieve this through two workshops, the first aimed at equipping the elderly with valuable skills in handicrafts which can later serve them as a source of income, and the second will be targeted to the association’s volunteers who are caring for the elderly. The latter will focus on equipping the volunteers with planning and positive thinking skills which can greatly enhance their achievements at a personal level as well as in their voluntary work”.

Receiving the support cheque from Bank Sohar, Mr. Hamed Salim Al Kindi, Chairman of the Omani Association for Elderly Friends, said: “We are grateful to have private businesses and organizations assist us in our efforts to provide quality care for the Sultanate’s senior citizens. We particularly thank Bank Sohar and its team for their valuable support over the years and look forward to continued collaboration in the future in support of elderly people across the nation. This is an important social value shared in communities across Oman and of great significance to people in their later years in life”.

Bank Sohar’s support to the Omani Association for Elderly Friends forms part of a comprehensive social outreach programme under Sohar Al Atta. This includes initiatives directed at childcare centres, associations devoted to disability causes and charity associations and more. Over the years, Bank Sohar has supported over 30 organisations around the Sultanate under its social responsibility programme, striving to ensure that contributions are carefully planned and evaluated in order to reach the maximum number of people inspiring positive support and meaningful change.

In recognition of its contributions and CSR initiatives, Bank Sohar has received numerous accolades locally, regionally, and internationally. The most recent of these awards was the first prize in the private sector category of the third edition of Road Safety Awards organised by Royal Oman Police, becoming the first bank in the sultanate ever to win the prestigious title.

The Omani Association for Elderly Friends is a non-profit organization registered under the Ministry of Social Development. Established in 2011, the association works with different public and private sector entities, as well as other philanthropic establishments to ensure the wellbeing of senior citizens. It has undertaken the mission of facilitating day-to-day wellbeing, including access to quality health services, assistance with processing official tasks, ensuring their rights are protected, and promoting public awareness of issues concerning the elderly.

For more information on Bank Sohar visit or call 24730000. You can also follow the Bank on Facebook at, on Instagram at or join the conversation on Twitter @sohar_intl.


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