Saving is now more rewarding

You have many reasons to save with Sohar International. And now you have many more opportunities to win, with our Prize Scheme.

While you save, to fulfil your dreams and aspirations, you also stand to win big prizes! Because saving today, will bring you bigger and more exciting wins tomorrow..

Year-End DrawsRO 400,000
Half-Yearly DrawsRO 200,000
Monthly DrawsRO 100,000
Monthly Branch DrawsRO 30,000
Weekly DrawsRO 5,500
Youth Monthly DrawsRO 2,000
Salary Transfer Monthly Draws(General & Sohar First)RO 5,000
Women's Day DrawRO 10,000
National Day DrawRO 50,000

Save now! Because, the more you save, the more you can win!


Start your winning journey with Sohar International. Call 247 30000.

  • Valid until 31st December 2020
  • Option for Savings Interest-bearing Accounts is also available on demand.