Sohar International Announces Prize Scheme Winners of Salary Monthly Transfer & Youth Monthly Draws

03-16-2020 Back to Newsroom

Delivering on its promise and excitement of a winning journey, Sohar International hosted its monthly draws of 2020 Sohar|Prize Scheme for the Salary Transfer and Youth categories. The draws - conducted at Soud bin Azzan Al Busaidi Primary School in the Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan - were attended by customers from the region in the presence of the school management and the Bank officials led by Mr Saif Said Al Rashdi, District Manager of Al Sharqiyah, Al Dakhiliya and Al Dhahirah regions at Sohar International.

Highlighting the Bank’s rewarding prize scheme aimed at promoting a savings culture and offering winning opportunities to all customer segments, Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer, said: “Sohar International is proud to widen the scope of the 2020 savings prize scheme to benefit a large number of customers across the Sultanate. We congratulate the salary transfer and youth customers who won the attractive prizes in the first monthly draw. With guaranteed prizes lined up throughout the year, the savings scheme momentum is geared to pick up, fulfilling the aspirations of loyal customers.”

In the salary transfer draws, five winners from the general category; K. K., Hebah Al Masahli, Kamil Al Zadjali, Zafar Sadique and Sultan Al Balushi and five winners from the Sohar|First category; Elsamawal Ezz Eldin, Fahad Al Salehi, Feras Al Mazroui, Al Azhar Al Harthi and Khalid Al Yaqoubi received the prize money of RO 500 each. Ten winners; Hamed Al Mamari, Maather Al Adawi, Salyem Al Zarii, Mohammed Al Abri, S. H., Abdullah Al Farsi, Wasim Al Balushi, Afraa Al Balushi, Abdullaziz Mohammed and Sami Al Shereiqi were rewarded in the youth category who received RO 200 each.

“The prize scheme is an incentive to save more and win more. We encourage all our customers to save more to increase their chances of winning in the upcoming weekly, monthly, mid-year and year end prize draws.” Added Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer.

Reiterating the Bank’s commitment to provide more vision, more velocity and more value in everything it does, the savings prize scheme is designed to maximise the number of winners and promote a healthy savings culture in Oman.

Giving a major thrust to savings, the 2020 prize scheme has been revamped to include more draws and more winners, open to a wider audience with branch guaranteed prizes. The series of attractive high value prize draws include Monthly Draws offering OMR 100,000 to be shared equally between two customers from the General segment and two customers from the Wealth Management segment. Half Yearly Draws of OMR 200,000 are equally split between two customers from the General segment and two customers from the Wealth Management segment. The biggest prize of the year will be rewarded at the Year-End grand draws, giving away a total of OMR 400,000 to be shared equally between four customers; two from the General segment and two from the Wealth Management segment.

Keeping alive the tempo, the Bank rewards customers with Weekly Draws of OMR 5,500, Monthly Branch Draws of OMR 31,000, Monthly Salary Transfer Draws of OMR 10,000 and Monthly Youth Draws of OMR 2,000. The bank announces the names of all winners on its official pages on social media platforms and the website

All Sohar I Prize Scheme 2020 accounts are entitled to four chances to win for every minimum average balance maintained in their accounts, while Minor accounts enjoy double the winning chances. Sohar I Prize Scheme 2020 eligibility is open for accounts in Omani Rial as well as savings accounts maintained in AED, GBP, and USD. Those seeking to save without participating in the prize draws can choose an interest-bearing account instead.

By encouraging and rewarding customers for maintaining a prudent saving habit, Sohar International seeks to actively impact the socio-economic development in Oman. By raising the bar on customer-centricity and helping customers win and achieve their goals in an ever-changing world, the Bank constantly pushes boundaries in redefining responsible banking in the country.


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