Sohar International Announces Winners of RO 100,000 Under its Prize Scheme Monthly Draws

08-07-2019 Back to Newsroom

With a strong purpose at heart of helping people win by delivering banking for their ever-changing world, Sohar International recently conducted its Monthly Draws worth a total of RO 100,000 under its Sohar | Prize Scheme 2019 at a Roadshow organized in Salalah coinciding with Khareef festivities, and with the presence of the young Omani Formula 4 Champion and Sohar International’s marvel Shehab Al Habsi.

The monthly draws witnessed the reveal of two lucky customers bank-wide winning each RO 25,000 whereas another two lucky customers from the dedicated draws for Wealth Management saw each one of them also win RO 25,000, further fulfilling its objective to encourage and instil the habit of saving as well as provide more value to customers for their financial prudent.

Organized at the Salalah Gardens Mall, the Roadshow witnessed an exciting line-up of entertainment for all age groups with a special appearance from the young Omani Formula 4 Champion Shehab Al Habsi. With hundreds of visitors to witness the winners of the Prize Scheme, The event also offered stage performances, games, prizes, musical events, and much more.

Commenting on the Prize Scheme, Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi remarked: “Sohar International understands that promoting and rewarding a healthy saving habit does not only help individuals realise their dreams, but also has a positive impact on a national socioeconomic level. The Bank is hence on a constant quest to redefine banking by raising the bar on customer-centricity and helping customers win and achieve their goals in an ever-changing world.”

Winning the RO 25,000 in the bank-wide monthly draws under the Sohar | Prize Scheme 2019 were M. S. from Al Khoudh Branch and S. K. S. from Al Khuwair Branch; whereas the lucky two winners receiving the same amount under the dedicated Wealth Management draws were H. S. A. from Sur Branch and Saleh Saeed from Salalah Branch.

Commenting on the highly engaging on-ground event and congratulating the winners, Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi remarked: “Conceived with the aim of enabling communities and people to grow and prosper - our Monthly Draws delivered great excitement amidst a host of entertainment activities during the Roadshow. My heartiest congratulations to the winners and we continue to encourage customers to save as a way to secure their future and that of their families, whilst maximizing chances of winning with Sohar International’s Prize Scheme 2019”.

Sohar International’s Prize Scheme 2019 has been conceptualized under the theme of #NowThatsWinning. To be eligible in the General and Wealth Management monthly draws, customers are required to maintain a minimum monthly average balance of OMR 100 and OMR 40,000 respectively therefore giving those that save more a higher chances of winning.

Also, all Sohar I Prize Scheme 2019 accounts have four chances to win for every minimum average balance maintained in their accounts, while Minor accounts enjoy double these chances. Sohar I Prize Scheme 2019 is not exclusive for accounts in Omani Rial only; savings accounts that are maintained in AED, GBP, and USD are also eligible to participate in the Sohar | Prize Scheme 2019. Those seeking to save without participating in the prize draws, can choose an interest-bearing account instead.

Providing customers with more value, Sohar International conducts other regular draws including Weekly Draws of OMR 4,500, Quarterly Draws giving away OMR 200,000 in total; that are equally split between two customers from the General Segment and two customers from the Wealth Management Segment. The biggest prize of the year given by the bank in 2019, however, are the Year-End grand draws, that will give away a total of OMR 400,000; that will be distributed equally between four customers; two from the General Segment and two from the Wealth Management Segment.

The Prize Scheme for the year 2019 has also introduced new draws for 2019 which includes Salary Transfer Monthly Draws for customers who transfer their salaries (of a minimum of OMR 500) to Sohar International account by the end of each month. The lucky winners of the Salary Transfer Monthly Draws will receive a total of OMR 5,000, distributed equally between 10 winners each month. In addition to this, the bank has also introduced two new draws to celebrate special occasions, namely Omani Women’s Day with OMR 10,000 equally split between 10 winners; and the 49th National Day with OMR 49,000 to be won by 49 customers equally.


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