Enabling Members to Learn Sign Language Translation in Sohar Bank Sohar Extends Support to Oman Association for the Disabled

09-27-2018 Back to Newsroom

As part of its CSR convoy Sohar Al Atta, Bank Sohar extended its support to Oman Association for the Disabled (OAD) Sohar Branch enabling them to empower the local communities through initiatives focused on learning, development, and training. The bank’s support will fund sessions on sign language translation for members of the organisation in Sohar, equipping them with skills to enhance their communication and realize a greater quality of life.

Following a history of support for the association over the last eight years, Mr Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, Sr. AGM and Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Bank Sohar presented a cheque to Mr Dawood Sulaiman Al Shedi , Chairman of the Centre Supervisor at the Association Head Office in Sohar. The delegation toured the new premises and met members of the association, talked to them about their requirements and activities.

Commenting on the support, Mr Ahmed Al Musalmi, CEO of Bank Sohar, said, “As a leader in social development with an extensive portfolio of focused CSR contributions, Bank Sohar is dedicated towards enabling local societies become self-sustaining and quality contributors to the Nation. By empowering those that manage disabilities through skill development initiatives, we actively invest in a far wider network that reaches people across the nation on the basis of plans for ongoing knowledge-sharing engagements that will help many stakeholders advance their sign language translation skills. It is therefore, our privilege to continue supporting OAD and see the success of its members”.

The bank’s history of support towards the association over the last eight years saw direct engagements of the organisation’s branches across the Sultanate as part of its contributions under Sohar al Atta - the bank’s social development wing. The funds earmarked went towards the purchase of cerebral palsy wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs for benefactors, as well as essential medical equipment for members of the association.

Thanking Bank Sohar, Mr Dawood Sulaiman Al Shidi, Centre Supervisor for OAD, said, “Since 2003, the association has extended its operations in Oman from one to two branches, establishing centres across the Sultanate beside the main branch in Muscat to Sohar and Ibri. Such expansion is a direct result of the support we receive from the various sectors that enable us to have a wider reach as well as a more impactful approach. We thank Bank Sohar for their ongoing support as we continue enriching lives across the Sultanate”.

Bank Sohar’s CSR programmes have supported the stakeholders of communities supporting disability across the nation, including the Al Noor Association, Al Wafa Handicapped Association, and the Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children. The type of support delivered ranged from donations to support engagement forums that raise awareness and engage local stakeholders on regional scale, equipment, funding, and other resources that can inspire sustainable change for the disabled.

Established in 1995, OAD serves disabled communities by highlighting their potential as constructive and capable contributors to society. The organisation ensures that the rights of people managing disabilities are supported and aids their participation in recreational activities and sporting events to enrich their opportunities in everyday life. Volunteers contribute to delivering education, which includes the tuition of Braille for blind members of the association, whilst striving to increase society’s awareness on how they can play a proactive role in supporting people with disabilities.

For more information on Bank Sohar visit www.soharinternational.com or call 24730000. You can also follow the Bank on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sohar.intl, on Instagram at www.instagram.com/sohar_intl or join the conversation on Twitter @sohar_intl.


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